... After returning home in Amsterdam, I forgot about it, only to re-discover it in 2003 when I was once again -just playing- with my own CAD/CAM system. 
Remembering the quite fantastic shapes we got at the university, I was pleased to find that I could re-create some of the bewilderment we had when we first discovered this function of the tool.

The pictures you see here, are the renderings of my ideas: computergraphics, so to say. 
This visualization-tool is a great means of communication and at first I was quite happy to just have the visualizations on display on my website...


... a potter is a potter, however, and of course the urge to be able to hold them in your hands, in porcelain, became obvious.

So I went to Somatech, a Dutch based company and asked for their support to be able to have them Prototyped


picture right: a virtual impression of the Manhattan Series to-be...





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